WME Assistant (WMEA) is a fast, easy batch Windows Media Encoder.  Presenting an easy-to-use interface, WMEA is perfect for both novice and advanced content creators.

Using WME Assistant, you can encode both WMV-HD with 5.1-WMAPro-audio and regular windows media files for your Media Center PC, Pocket PC, Smart Phone, Zune player and Xbox360 in a few clicks.

Main Features:

- Fully supports WMV9 / VC-1 codec. Users can encode WMV files at bit rate of 4K-135M bps using WMEA.

- High speed encoding.  Unlike some other applications that use lower Video Complexity Settings, users can fully control output video quality using WMEA.

- With a friendly user-interface and customizable settings, you can easily add sources and configure compression settings. You will no longer need to edit Registry key values manually when using the WVC1 codec's Advanced Settings.

- Supports Avisynth script files as inputs.

- Supports separate sources, folder as inputs.

- Supports jointing several media files to one windows media file.

- If your media file can be played by WMP correctly, then it will be encoded correctly by WMEA.

- Quick and easy install / uninstall.